David Bowery

David Bowery On January 23rd 1916, on a snowy night, a group of intrepid artists (Marcel Duchamp, John Sloan, Gertrude Drick, Allan Russell Mann, Betty Turner and Charles Ellis) slipped through an unlocked door and climbed up the spiral staircase to the roof of the Washington Arch and declared The Free and Independent Republic of Washington Square. The Arch Conspirators, as they were later called, perpetrated their performative action in the name of rebellion and artistic expression with a spirit of ... Read more

A Woman’s Place

Why can’t a woman have her own bill without bumping or crowding Alexander Hamilton? For those who have forgotten, Alexander Hamilton was a brilliant man of his time. He was an orphan, and an immigrant from the West Indies who rose to be the first Secretary of the Treasury because of his intelligence. He was a right hand man to General George Washington, organizing the first artillery company, and personally helping to coordinate the various revolutionary generals under Washington. ... Read more