FLORA and FAWNA Season of Growth and Beasts @ Lichtundfire

ROBERT SOLOMON, Daffodils 3 (lilac sky), 2022, Acrylic on canvas, 52 x 40 x 1 1/2 in.

Lichtundfire’s “FLORA and FAWNA – Season of Growth and Beasts” SHOW.

With Nancy Sandler Bass, Vian Borchert, Nabilsky, Alexandra Rozenman, Robert Solomon, Lorien Suárez-Kanerva, Jennifer Toth and Martin Weinstein.

Concept by Priska Juschka

• Exhibition Dates: July 27th, 2022 to August 26th, 2022

• OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday, July 27th from 5:30 to 8:30 pm

• LES THIRD THURSDAY RECEPTION: Lower East Side Galleries open till 8:00 pm. | Thursday, August 18th, 6:00 to 8:00 pm

• Gallery Hours:
· TUESDAY TO SATURDAY 12 – 6 PM or by appointment

• Reception Attendees, Appointments & Walk-Ins must adhere to NY State Social Distancing Guidelines.

Lichtundfire is pleased to present and welcomes all to the Opening Reception for FLORA and FAWNA (deliberated spelled), an exhibition of work in various media from Abstraction to Representation, including a number of phantasmagorical works, and commenting on the wide range of plant and animal life that enchants us during the summer months.

The exhibition alludes to all that stimulates our senses during the height of the summer — when the many scents become natural opiates, when animal life is in full swing and plant growth seems to overwhelm us. All what appeared fresh and light and new in the spring turns full and laden with the weight of blossoms, leaves and the intense cacophony of animal cries.

FLORA and FAWNA Season of Growth and Beasts @ Lichtundfire installation view

FLORA and FAWNA, Installation View (detail), Lichtundfire 2022

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